Three-phase track system for surface or recessed installation. The electrified tracks are made of extruded aluminium alloy. The copper conductor cables are housed in high insulation resistance PVC extruded profiles. 230/250V - 16A mains power supply voltage and 380/440V industrial mains voltage. The system includes a wide range of accessories, linear, corner, tee, cross and flexible joints, allowing multiple tracks to be coupled.


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    Length11 mt22 mt33 mt
  • TK1010

    Plate L. 120 mm.

  • TK1017

    Ceiling kit

  • TK1019

    Suspension kit with pipe 1000 mm.

  • TK1102

    Right live-end white

  • TK1103

    Left live-end white

  • TK1104

    Inside L joint white

  • TK1105

    Outside L joint white

  • TK1106

    X joint white

  • TK1107

    Electrical straight joint white

  • TK1108

    Mechanical joint white

  • TK1109

    Track cover 1000 mm. White

  • TK1115

    Flexible joint white

  • TK1116

    Dead end white

  • TK1118

    Suspension kit with steel wire 2000 mm white

  • TK1120

    Suspension kit with 2000 mm. steel wire and automatic locking device white

  • TK1202

    Right live-end grey

  • TK1203

    Left live-end grey

  • TK1204

    Inside L joint grey

  • TK1205

    Outside L joint grey

  • TK1206

    X joint grey

  • TK1215

    Flexible joint grey

  • TK1216

    Dead end grey

  • TK1502

    Right live-end black

  • TK1503

    Left live-end black

  • TK1504

    Inside L joint black

  • TK1505

    Outside L joint black

  • TK1506

    X joint black

  • TK1507

    Electrical straight joint black

  • TK1508

    Mechanical joint black

  • TK1509

    Track cover 1000 mm. black

  • TK1515

    Flexible joint black

  • TK1516

    Dead end black

  • TK1518

    Suspension kit with steel wire 2000 mm black

  • TK1520

    Suspension kit with 2000 mm. steel wire and automatic locking device black

  • TK5112

    Central connector white

  • TK5113

    Right T joint white

  • TK5114

    Left T joint white

  • TK5212

    Central connector grey

  • TK5213

    Right T joint grey

  • TK5214

    Left T joint grey

  • TK5512

    Central connector black

  • TK5513

    Right T joint black

  • TK5514

    Left T joint black