Henley-on-Thames, England, 2016
Lighting design: Darklight Design Studio
Text and pictures: Darklight Design Studio

Let’s start in the main living space, where we ramped up the ambience by drawing attention to the impressive ceiling. Adjustable wall lights were used to pick out the timbers in the roof-space, really enhancing its height. Wow, indeed. Next, onto the entertainment area, which presented us with a challenge. Here, the lighting had to be suitable for both playing pool and watching films. Our answer was mini downlights. These fitted snugly into the shallow recessed ceiling and provided a baffled light effect, perfect for either racking them up or settling down. The grand tour ends in the master en-suite bathroom. We don’t mind telling you that this could be our favorite space of the whole project. The pairing profile lighting with the client’s metallic tub says Luxe with a capital ‘L’.

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