Berkshire, England, 2016
Lighting design: Darklight Design Studio
Text and pictures: Darklight Design Studio

Earlier this year, Darklight Design decided to pop the question. We presented this gorgeous wedding venue with a lighting proposal we hoped they’d accept. And they said yes! An excellent analogy, but we digress.
The client had three main requirements: a romantically lit wedding pagoda, subtle exterior pathway lighting and an adaptable interior scheme, fit for a serious knees-up.
Flexalighting Air 6 Exterior Path Lights were used to illuminate the approach from the main house to the pagoda. Tera 524 Uplights by Flexalighting with 10° beam angle highlighted the structure’s elegant features. Inside the pagoda, Linear LED Tape, mounted in LED Profilelement, provided a warm, white glow. So far, so romantic.
Onto the main house, where we went full-geek in our quest to create the perfect room for a wedding reception. We integrated the existing Crestron system with RGB Linear LED Tape, and our own DMX driver. This produced a great colour-changing effect, with 1000s of possible options.
Fresh for the new wedding season, our client loves their impressive and practical lighting schemes. We could sign-off by calling it a marriage made in heaven.  But we’d only be letting ourselves down.

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